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Sales & Marketing Division

 Linked Systems Approach
B&R <----> Customer <----> Manufacturer


Cooks, Sales & Marketing Division


To establish a Linked-Systems program for client manufacturers and customers in the food industry. To enhance profitability for both through creative product options, strategic purchasing programs, focused production management, total quality management and sound business principles.


Established in 2007, B&R is based on more than 35 years of senior level food industry experience in:

• Retail  
• Club Stores
• Manufacturing
• Industrial
• Foodservice
• Food Service Distribution
• National Chains
• International


Diverse Product Mix

Focus – Center of the Plate

Broad Spectrum of Protein
• Poultry
• Beef
• Pork
• Seafood

• Spices
• Marination Systems
• Batter and Breading Systems
• Flavorings

• Custom Packaging
• Retort Packaging
• Polyethylene Film
• Pre-Plated Meals and Components


Utilizing the “Linked-Systems” program, B&R synergizes our clients’ capabilities to better service your needs on a turn-key basis. Products developed for your use will be designed exclusively for you with all formulations and ingredients assigned your proprietary numbers.

We will help manage all aspects of the program, from raw material procurement to ensuring that the final product arrives at your location in the most efficient manner.

Why B&R Food Marketing?

• Product Innovation
• Farm to Plate
• Raw to Fully-Cooked
• State of the Art Packaging
• Ingredients
• Linked-Systems Program
• Pre-Plated Meals

Client Companies

Meats by LINZ - Company Profiles

Victory Foods - Company Profiles

Core Packaging - Company Profiles

Preferred Meal Systems, Inc - Company Profiles  
Reed Food Technology - Company Profiles
Suji's Cuisine - Company Profiles
ProView Foods - Company Profiles
Red Chamber Co. - Company Profiles
LoneStar Plastics - Company Profiles
Suzanna's Kitchen - Company Profiles

Sola Logo - Company Profiles

Reed Food Technology

What sets us apart, in addition to our unswerving commitment to quality, is our highly personalized service. At Reed Food Technology, you’ll be impressed with the dedication of your Technical Support Team whose task it is to listen and respond to your needs – making the work we do for you really work for you.

R.J. Reed, President
Specializing in:

• Seasoning • Marinades • Glazes and Topicals • Coating systems

Research Chefs on staff to better service your complete needs Capable of developing complex, fully integrated systems with our partnering clients to fulfill your needs for unique, highly flavorful, and exciting new offerings.

FAST project turn around. Being part of the Linked-Systems program, RFT gives B&R complete control of the development process, shortening the time required for communication between companies.

Core Packaging Inc.

Core Packaging is a Charlotte, NC-based company committed to providing products and services that fulfill or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Our focus is on quality, timely delivery, and furnishing the level of information and value added solutions that help each of our customers succeed in their businesses.

We represent manufacturers of folding cartons, plastic thermoformed items, foil lined paper bags, injection molded products, microflute cartons, and polyethylene bags. Our partnership with these specialized manufacturers provides us the tools to satisfy various packaging needs.

Core Packaging Products
• Folding Cartons
• Pre-Press
• POP displays
• Set-up Boxes
• Corrugated Boxes (RSC)
• Clear & Printed PVC Folding Cartons
• Thermoformed Items
• Poly Bags

Core Packaging Services
• Supply Chain Solutions
• Vendor Managed Inventory
• Online Inventory System

Meats by Linz

Meats By Linz is a full service meat purveyor, supplying aged boxed beef, custom cut beef, pork, lamb and veal. We take pride in our custom cut, portion control steaks and chops.

We've been in business for more than 40 years and are one of Chicagoland's premier steak providers. We service the finest hotels, white tablecloth restaurants, country clubs and casinos in the United States.

As a company, Meats By Linz prides itself on recognizing the ever-changing needs of the service industries and responding to those needs accordingly.

Try Linz Steakhouse Preferred Black Angus and you'll see why it’s the preferred choice among our prestigious clientele:

Logos - Company Profiles

Lone Star Plastics

At Lone Star Plastics, our philosophy is simple. We respond to the needs of our customers. We offer quicker turnaround and
more production flexibility and capability than anyone in the industry.

See for yourself. No one can beat the unique combination of quality, service and value offered by Lone Star Plastics.

We do it - from can liners to printed roll stock. Mulch bags, wicketed bags, baler bags, printed bags. Low density. High density. Most everything you've ever seen... and some things you haven't.

General Manufacturing Materials Additives Additional Products
• Printing
• Bag Conversion Styles
• Low Density
• Linear Low Density
• High Density
• Anti-Static
• High Clarity
• No Slip
• Can Liners
• Speciality/Packing Bags
• Industrial Liners
• Sheeting
• Lawn & Garden/Horticultural Products

Preferred Meal Systems, Inc.

Diverse Options
Preferred Meal Systems specializes in custom designed and packaged meals and meal components. Our meals can be built around every type and combination of protein, vegetables, and starches. With manufacturing plants in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York, we will create whatever meal or component you need for your business and your customers across the food industry:

• Convenience stores • Foodservice • Home delivery • Industrial • Retail
State-of-the-Art Production and Food Safety
When it comes to food safety, there is no compromise. Our facilities utilize the most advanced methods, including:
• Environmentally controlled production
• Safety-sealed packaging of meals
• Daily USDA inspection of facilities
• Strict FDA and HACCP guidelines including outside audits
• In-house microbiological testing -- raw materials to finished products

Red Chamber Seafood Company

Since opening in the 1970s as a small distribution company, Red Chamber Seafood Company has grown to be the
largest vertically integrated seafood distributor and processor in the United States. It is comprised of several divisions
serving the retail and foodservice industries.

Processing Capabilities Divisions General
Tampa Bay Fisheries
Neptune Seafood
Meridian Fisheries
OFI Markesa International
Red Chamber Company
Singleton Seafoods
USDC inspected
National and International Shipping
HACCP programs
Company-owned fleet
State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities
Homeland Security Program
Products: Wild and Farm Raised
Shrimp, Clams, Crab, Squid, Lobster, Fish-200 varieties
“If It Swims and Tastes Good, We Have It!”

Suzanna’s Kitchen

Started in the 1960’s Suzanna’s Kitchen has grown to national prominence as a supplier of fully cooked beef, chicken, and pork products to the retail, industrial and food service industry.

With two state of the art manufacturing plants located in Georgia, Suzanna’s can provide a wide range of oven cooked and smoke house capabilities.

Custom design of products to meet the customer’s needs is driven by a talented R&D staff with quick turn-around and a true “sense of urgency”.

From barbecue to char-marked patties Suzanna’s Kitchen can meet and exceed your expectation.

Barbecue Breaded
Chicken Solid Muscle
Char-broil Formed
Corn Dogs Bone-in
Pork Beef


Family owned, female owned since the 1960’s.


ProView offers a full line of fully cooked poultry products:

Solid Muscle

In addition let us provide you with information about our raw chicken products

Victory Foods

Victory offers a full line of raw poultry products:

Portioned breast meat
Marinated raw portioned breast meat
Leg meat

Suji’s Korean Cuisine/FDMR Corporation

Suji’s Cuisine develops, produces, and manufactures, high-quality American, Korean, and Japanese food products under various brands.

Signature hand cured deli meats
Korean BBQ
Korean Soul
Rice Bowls

Sola: The Sweet Choice

Consumers are increasingly avoiding sugar. Retail sugar sales have decreased by 7.5% in the U.S., and the trend is expected to continue through 2018.* 

Consumers are concerned with the negative effects of sugar. They believe that sugar intake is correlated with diabetes, obesity and even heart disease.**

For sweetness, health-conscious consumers have been sacrificing flavor by using low calorie artificial sweeteners that often leave an off flavor, bitter or metallic aftertaste.**

Sola Logo - Company Profiles
Use of many alternative sweeteners in baking can result in undesirable flavor and color, as well as unpredictable texture and consistency.
As a delicious natural***, low calorie sweetener, new Sola provides the taste, texture and performance of sugar in beverages and baking, without the negatives of other alternatives.

*Packaged Facts, IRI data retail sales, 52 weeks ended January 26, 2014
**Qualitative research among low calorie sweetener users, March 2014
*** Visit our website for more information about our ingredients.
Sola sweetener is a great tasting natural alternative to sugar that offers a range of benefits, making it the superior choice in low calorie sweeteners. It’s all about the TASTE: Sola offers the sweetness of sugar for beverages and foods.
• Sola has 75% fewer calories than sugar*.

• Sola is made from all natural, non-GMO ingredients.

• Sola sweetens, bakes and cooks like sugar, providing functionality that no   other low calorie sweetener can match.

• Sola measures one-to-one with sugar.

• Sola has been specially developed by chefs and food scientists to have great, clean sweetness with no aftertaste.

 *Gram-for-gram. Sugar = 4 cal/g; Sola = 1 cal/g

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